Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Garbage Cans

This is a departure from the “Color-Coding” theme, but a good tip. I set all of my garbage cans/recycling bins on top of chairs. As we’ve all noticed many high school kids are apparently just a little too tall to be able to successfully navigate trash INSIDE the trash can. They are also so tall that they can’t see their garbage all the way down there on the floor. Raising the trash receptacles to hand level eliminates 99% of that nonsense.

And yes, it is definitely time to take out the recycling!


  1. I have found are so funny and right on it! Everythig you say I found mysel knodding my head!

  2. ...AND I am so bummed, our State keeps adding SO much that I can hardly teach anymore. I keep saying , I just want to have class!

    1. Ugh, I understand! It kills me that ours should be one of the "fun" classes but it's so hard to use the time to actually accomplish things. Thanks for checking out the blog and commenting!