Monday, June 3, 2013


2012-2013...SURVIVED! Hooray for summer!

And I am proud to say, I cleaned/purged/organized 99% of my classrooms over the year, so next year I will be able to hit the ground running. One of my major projects was a storage area in between the two rooms, which I have converted into... my office! I LOVE it! Check out some pics:

This it the view from the door. The top shelves were cabinets I removed the doors from and added a maroon backing (school color). I have on the shelf my high school diploma, my BS, my master's degree, and my preschool diploma! And yes, I do feel silly bubbling out my name, but you know. That's a freezer off to the side, which I didn't utilize at all this year but is great for hanging my pictures on : ).

Gee, how many Pinterest ideas can you find in this photo? I especially love having my lesson plan binder displayed on the plate stand. The volleyball is signed by my favorite team, from two schools ago - I still carry their picture in my purse. Those kids just graduated from high school last week. Crazy how fast time flies by!

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