Monday, June 24, 2013

Time for the Little Things

I've not posted often yet this summer, mainly because it's summer, of course! I've been working on taking care of all those things on the to-do list that get pushed to the back burner during the school year - you know, things like house cleaning : ).

Also on the list are some minor upgrades to the blog. For one, I finally locked in my own domain, so I can now leave out the "blogspot" in the web address (have no fear, if you use the blogspot address, it will redirect you to Next I created my own font from my every day handwriting (go to to do this for FREE!). I used that to help create my first shot at a custom header - nothing fancy schmancy yet, but it was beginning to bug me!

A good chunk of time has been spent finishing up the last of my grad school assignments before our July break, which I am happy to announce I have completed! I have to show up to class this Wednesday, but everything has been turned in and I am DONE!

And then of course is the reading. Ah, reading for fun and reading to improve my craft... at the same time! Over the course of this school year I've followed a few blogs centered on "Whole Brain Teaching," and I have become intrigued enough to seriously look into it, so I am currently reading the book. Seems to me this would work perfectly for FACS!

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer, striking that golden balance between productivity and relaxation!

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