Thursday, September 7, 2017

Never Cook the First Day of the Week

One of my hard and fast rules for Foods classes is we never cook the first day of the week. Here's my rationale:

  1. As we all know students tend to suffer a massive though usually temporary memory loss over the weekend related to classroom procedures, rules, and generally how to act in school :) Throw in what they've forgotten about the recipe you're working on, and it's utter chaos.
  2. You have enough to do over the weekend without piling on school grocery shopping. Amiright?
  3. This buys you one more day to do laundry if you're behind on the towels. Nothing worse than not having enough clean towels.
  4. After the first few weeks, there's always one day of the week when you won't be asked "Are we cooking today?" (as if there are ever, ever surprise cooking days). On the occasions when students forget what day it is and ask, the other students are usually all to happy to answer the question for you - no, it's the first day of the week!
Anyone else share this rule? Do you have others about when labs are scheduled?


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